Ceres Chrysoprase Bracelet in Silver & 14k Gold

$ 460.00

This Ceres bracelet features a stunning piece of translucent Chrysoprase that is a lovely minty green. This gorgeous stone is set in a Silver bezel and accented with 14k Gold granules.

The Ceres bracelet also has a handmade Sterling Silver chain that it will lay flat on your wrist so the gemstone won't turn over as you go about your day. It is made with alternating half-round oval and round links. It is also finished with a swivel clasp so it is easy to put on by yourself.

  • Gemstone: natural translucent Chrysoprase.
  • Finishes: Oxidized Silver & 14k Gold granules.
  • Size: Chrysoprase is 1 1/8 inch long. Chain is 5/16 inches wide. Bracelet is 1 inch wide and 7 1/4 inches long but is adjustable to wear it smaller. A large swivel clasp makes this bracelet easy to wear.

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