Siena Rosemary Sapphire Hexagon Pendant Necklace

$ 1,390.00

  • gemstone: faceted Rosemary Sapphire hexagon, Pink Tourmaline cabochon.
  • finishes: oxidized Sterling Silver, 14k Gold.
  • size: pendant measures 1 1/4 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide. Handmade chain is 17 inches long and finished with a handmade clasp set with a Pink Tourmaline. Chain links are 5/16 inches wide. If you would like the length of the chain adjusted please contact me.

I have been in love with Rosemary Sapphires since I first discovered them several years ago. The hexagonal crystalline shape is prominent in them and they have the most wonderful sheen to them, threaded through with shimmering silver lines like a spider web on a dewy morning. They range in color from red to pink to mauve.

This Siena necklace features a gorgeous and very large specimen of Rosemary Sapphire that shimmers when it moves. I set this lovely stone in a deep, thick walled bezel that has lovely weight. I cut the back out in a geometric pattern that compliments the stone. 14k Gold prongs secure the Sapphire in place. Unable to find a chain that I thought worthy of this lovely pendant I fabricated one myself that has they same presence to it, complete with Pink Tourmaline set clasp. This necklace is a real show stopper, a beautiful subtle statement piece that you can wear all the time.

This beauty is One of a Kind.

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