One of a Kind gems

One of a Kind gems

On my last trip to Tucson I found lots of gorgeous One of a Kind gemstones. I had been so focused on batches lately that I had been overlooking these really amazing stones. But somehow my attention was pulled back one of the things that excited me about jewelry in the first place, the beauty and personality of gemstones! I am in awe of the way that minerals and impurities combine to create something as unique as a fingerprint.

I am also enchanted by the way that each lapidary interprets the stones, like they have their own language. Each passing year I find new skills and techniques to marvel at. The gemstone in the necklace featured above is one example, it is a triplet, meaning that it is three stones sandwiched together. Once this technique was used to make more affordable stones by putting a thin layer of a highly prized stone (such as Opal) on top of an inexpensive stone. Today stone cutters are making an art out of the doublet or triplet. In this case there is a layer Garnet sandwiched in between a top layer of Quarts and a back of Mother of Pearl. The effect is truly stunning. 

I have accumulated quite a few amazing One of a Kind gems and have been having a blast coming up with some unique pieces. Keep on eye on my website to catch them. 



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