Hi! I am Guki Khalsa, the designer and artisan for Guki Khalsa Jewelry. I create modern exotic artisan jewelry. I strive to make elegant, wearable and lasting jewelry inspired by my passions: travel, nature, architecture and spectacular gemstones. I am obsessed with intricacy, texture and a strong silhouette.  

I am a mostly self-taught jeweler who has been making jewelry since 1995. I am a licensed architect with a Master’s in Architecture and worked as an Architect for many years. All those years of training come in handy when it comes to designing and fabricating my jewelry. 

I began traveling early in life, going from home in New Mexico to boarding school in India at the age of 11. The exotic shapes, colors and textures have always stayed with me.

I split my time between my studios in lovely Sun Valley, Idaho and bustling Houston, Texas. I feel so lucky to be able to travel back and forth between the two wildly different environments and still always have one of my little Shih Tzu’s curled up at my feet while I work.

I hope you enjoy my work and perhaps find something that speaks to your heart. Cheers!